Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms carefully please. These conditions apply for each sensing member of TalentYard.

1. Agreement

These terms are an agreement between TalentYard and the individual user of the talentyard.net platform. After accepting these conditions, you can login using your email and password. After logging in, you can connect with other users, for example through Matches. The information you post on the website we mean by User Generated Content (UGC).

2. General terms of use

When you use TalentYard, the following general terms of use apply:

  • The email address and password that you have chosen are strictly personal when registering on TalentYard. You may not share it with others;
  • You may not gaining access to TalentYard or try to obtain in any other way than by using your own e-mail and password;
  • You respect the house rules issued by TalentYard stated in Article 3 of these terms and conditions, regarding the use of this site;
  • You need to follow any of TalentYard instructions on use;
  • You guarantee to TalentYard guarantee that you will comply at all times with the obligations under these terms of use and that you will comply with all laws and regulations that apply to the use of TalentYard;
  • You will take no action or have performed, causing damage can be inflicted on TalentYard, users or third parties making the legitimate interests of TalentYard may be harmed;
  • You state that can be made use of cookies.

3. House rules

User Generated Content (UGC)

On TalentYard, users can post information and share experiences and knowledge. When you place information you provide User Generated Content (UGC) to TalentYard. The following additional rules apply:

  • TalentYard will not actively 'moderation', but you are obliged to follow any instructions TalentYard about your use of the Website;
  • You can not post illegal information. With unlawful information includes information meant:
    • on untruths based or misleading;
    • infringes on the rights of TalentYard or third parties, including copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights;
    • infringes on the privacy of third parties;
    • violates any law, regulation, ordinance or regulation;
    • viruses, Trojans, bots, worms or other software inside that may damage the platform or data or intended to circumvent technical protection measures;
    • spamming users or system flooding;
    • the character of a chain letter, pyramid game or gaming;
    • is contrary to morality or good taste, which among other things means that your language is not hateful, not racist, non-threatening, non hassle-uitlokkend, unaware absurd, not sexual, not rude, not offensive, not bullying, not shocking, and must not be defamatory, violent, pornographic or links to violent or pornographic sites, personal information about others contain or discriminatory;
    • otherwise unlawful towards TalentYard or a third party.
  • In addition to the above, you warrant that you are entitled to all the information you put on TalentYard and indemnify you TalentYard against claims by third parties on this information. The exact content of this safeguard is described in Article 8 of these terms and conditions.
  • TalentYard is at any time without entitled giving reasons to restrict your activities on the site (temporarily) suspend or shutdown on your account temporarily or permanently discontinue and / or delete messages from your posted remove, to issue a warning to terminate the service and to refuse to provide services to you, in particular - but not limited - if: you breach these Terms;
  • In case of harmful acts by yourself, TalentYard will be liable in any case.

4. Intellectual property rights

TalentYard contains files owned by users of TalentYard or TalentYard itself. These files are protected by applicable intellectual property rights, including copyrights, database rights and trademark rights. In these terms gives TalentYard you a limited, personal, revocable right to that which is made available at your disposal. It is expressly forbidden to copy to download files, data or materials, modify, publish, for direct or indirect commercial purposes. It is therefore not allowed to ask for substantial parts without written permission of the author or reuse within the meaning of the Database. Nothing is mentioned in these terms of use or TalentYard is designed to transfer intellectual property rights. The use you may make of this website is limited to what is described above.

5. License

You acknowledge and agree that by posting information on TalentYard, ie include participation in or use: forums, blogs, filling out profiles, posting comments to news and blogs (together called user Generated Content) to TalentYard:

  • a free, unencumbered, worldwide, sub-licensable, transferable, exclusive, perpetual, non-terminable license grants to: by you to use the data placed, reproduce, distribute and publicly in connection with the services of TalentYard;
  • conferring the right to delete data made available by you on the servers of TalentYard, intentionally or unintentionally, and for any reason and without reason, without TalentYard in any way whatsoever can be held liable be made to you or any third party as a consequence of such removal.

6. Privacy

By using TalentYard you are bound by our privacy policy. A portion of your profile and generated content will be accessible publicly and globally. This Privacy Policy forms part of these terms and conditions. By agreeing to these terms, you also agree with the manner in which and the purposes for which TalentYard process your personal data.

7. Exclusion of liability

TalentYard accepts no liability due to an attributable failure to perform or any other reason, for any damage you may suffer by using the platform TalentYard, to the extent permitted by mandatory law. TalentYard is in any case liable for consequential damages, including clear financial loss, loss of turnover and profit, loss of data and immaterial damage, relating to or arising from the services provided by TalentYard and / or your use of TalentYard. This limitation, however, is not intended to exclude the liability of TalentYard for intent and / or deliberate recklessness of TalentYard or her actual managers. Condition for the existence of any right to compensation is that as soon as possible the damage after it occurs in writing to TalentYard. Any claim for damages against TalentYard extinguished by the mere lapse of 12 months after the claim arises. TalentYard may contain external links, such as forums or advertisements. When you click on an external link, and then passed to another website, you leave TalentYard. TalentYard accepts no liability for any damage suffered as a result of leaving the platform by means of external links.

8. Indemnification

By using the TalentYard plathform you agree to indemnify it in TalentYard and any third parties against any claims, costs (which includes the legal assistance costs), any lawsuits and other forms of liability arising from or related to your use platform TalentYard. This indemnification shall also, but is not limited to claims in the area of ​​data protection, slander, insult and defamation, copyright infringement or other infringements of intellectual property rights.

9. Notice and takedown procedure

TalentYard attaches great importance to freedom of expression for users of TalentYard, but also realizes that the platform can be used in a manner that is contrary to the law and can be harmful to its users and third parties. The Role of TalentYard as an Internet service provider is limited in this context: TalentYard can only take pending notifications that relate to the removal or disabling of access to manifestly unlawful content posted by its users. Yard talent does not perform preventive supervision and is not obliged to do so. To ensure that they carefully and transparently act towards you as a user and towards third parties, TalentYard has drafted this Notice & Takedown procedure for the treatment of third party reports or users relating to (alleged) unlawful content on TalentYard by removing platform users requesting the appropriate expression or make it inaccessible.

However, when TalentYard faced with a court order to remove information, for example to prevent or terminate a copyright infringement can give TalentYard obey this command and delete this information without notice and takedown procedure has been followed.

10. Final provisions

These terms and conditions contain all agreements made between you and TalentYard. It replaces all prior understandings and agreements that have been made or closed with respect to the use of hetplatform TalentYard.net. Oral statements, promises or agreements have no legal force unless confirmed in writing. TalentYard will modify these terms from time to time. The new terms will be posted on this web page [www.talentyard.net/terms-and-conditions]. To be kept informed of any future changes, we recommend that you periodically visit this webpage. If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions are void or annulled, the remaining provisions will remain in force. These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law. Any and all disputes arising from this agreement will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.